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ABANDON ALL SHIPS Brendon's Song Lyrics, singer by ABANDON ALL SHIPS

Help me, I can�t get out,
I live my life not knowing what it�s about,
Just stains of guilt on my mind
Heaven�s what I want to find.
This is now, that was then:
I want to be born again.


The darkness came,
The light fought through,
Mercy is all
I ask of you. [x2]
Father, Father, please set me free,
From my misery. [x2]

I will be with you�

In the beginning, I used to believe
That you were no saviour, but I was na�ve.
You were a stranger that I couldn�t see.
Now I�m in danger please set me free.

Even soft�

Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
Pray for us, sinners now,
And at the hour of our death,
Save us.

Where would I be,
Without you standing next to me?
I am the lock and you are the key
Release me from my,
Release me from my

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